Q: How long will I wait for my replacement vehicle labels?

A: All replacement auto labels will ship FREE within 24 hours of your order and arrive in 1-3 days. Overnight shipping available upon request, additional $10 charge is required. Order Now!


Q: The auto label I need replaced is slightly damaged, can I still order a replacement?

A: You should still send us a picture of the vehicle label, using our database and other online resources we are most likely able to reproduce the replacement labels you need.


Q: What if I'm not happy with the replacement auto label or something is wrong with the label?

A: If you no longer want or need the replacement vehicle label we will provide an address to return it to and issue a full refund. If the replacement auto label is bad we will send an other copy for free.


Q: Can I order a replacement auto label without a photo of the label?

A: Unfortunately not, every replacement label is different from the next. We need to see a picture in order to assure the replacement labels accuracy.


Q: Do you make "this" label?

A: We make VIN labels, tire pressure stickers, emissions decals, VECI, diagram labels, mercury warning labels, AC and air bag labels.  We make all labels under-hood and all labels for replaced doors and door jambs.


Q: Do you make labels for classic cars?

A: Yes, but VIN labels are only available for cars with a 17-digit VIN number.  Contact us with questions particular to your classic restoration. Learn more about Replacement VIN Labels!


Q: Are your labels OEM?

A: No, Our labels are not OEM but are high quality after-market vinyl replacement decals. We use your submitted labels as a template to custom manufacture each label for each particular car. All tire pressure information and weights must be accurately duplicated for safety.


Q: Are your labels certified by anyone?

A: Our labels are not certified and they do not have to be. However, we meet all insurance quality regulations, any and all bar codes will scan, and we insure the best quality after market label.

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